Muslim Marketing Matters

Muslim Marketing Matters is a boutique research and consultancy specialising in Muslim Marketing and the Muslim Market. The Founding Director of which is Dr. Bronwyn P Wood (formerly Dr. Aisha Wood Boulanouar).

Muslims, who are followers of Islam, number almost ¼ of the world’s population and live in over 200 countries on the globe. The 1.57 billion Muslims represent a $2 trillion annual market for Islamically compliant goods and services, and this number is increasing rapidly. The economic power of Muslim people is evidenced simply from their number, and has been demonstrated in extensive and influential boycotts in recent times, notably, of Danish goods.

Given that Muslims everywhere have a universal teaching in common, whilst exhibiting regional heterogeneity, comprehensive contextual backgrounding is essential to interacting with this market.

Muslim Marketing Matters specialises in all aspects of the Muslim Market:

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